Urban Theatre Festival 2022

For our big stage production this year, all of our groups came together to tread the boards at Sue Townsend Theatre and deliver our Urban Theatre Festival 2023. Our Under 12s kicked off the show with their play “Are You New Here” which took our actors across the solar system and back, followed by our 12-16s performing “When They Go Low” by Natalie Mitchell which explores everyday feminism, consent and the challenges of the online world.

Our fantastic compères guided the audience through each play with great wit and before the interval, our 7pm Over 16s group took to the stage to bring us a hard-hitting and heart-racing performance of “I Love You Mum” by Mark Wheeler; a verbatim play and true story that explores the shockwaves amongst a group of students following the death of Daniel Soargo-Mabbs in 2014.

Back from the interval, our Under 12s gave a final performance of “God’s Messenger Department” – the nativity like you’ve never seen it before, ahead of our final performance of the evening from our 7pm Over 16s group. They delivered an abridged version of “A Comedy About a Bank Robbery” and left the audience falling out of their seats laughing with stellar performances from the whole cast.

The quality of the performances across the board was the highest we’ve ever seen at Urban. We feel incredibly lucky to work with such an incredible cohort of actors and we can’t wait to get started on the next project!

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