Urban’s Red Carpet Premieres

In May 2021 we successfully applied for Arts Council funding to create four short films with our members. We began rehearsals in September, filmed throughout November and this year we were finally able to share the finished products with our members during two red carpet premieres.

Held at the beautiful Regal Cinema in Melton, both days were so special, and it was wonderful to see all our members and their families come together to celebrate everything that went into this project.

After many months of post-production, it was amazing to see the actors on the big screen and share their incredible performances with their families and friends. We’re exceptionally proud of every single one of our members. For the weeks of rehearsals, the long days of shooting, the extra days capturing ADR and pickup shots, the discipline that the actors demonstrated both on set and off; essentially the incredible amount of hard work, commitment and professionalism on everyone’s part that went into this project. We very much hope that they’re proud of themselves too. They certainly should be!

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