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To mark 50 years of the Ugandan Asian exodus, Curve Theatre celebrated our Ugandan Asian community in Leicester with a series of brand-new plays. Rukah, Ninety Days and Call Me By My Name were specially commissioned to explore the events surrounding 1972 when Idi Amin ordered the Asian population to leave the country within ninety days, seizing their properties, business and possessions. In total, almost 80,000 Asians were forced to flee Uganda and seek refuge in countries all over the world.

Urban Young Actors truly lead from the front on all three productions with alumni Dilan Raithatha writing Call Me By My Name, Rav Moore starring in Ninety Days, Octavia Nyombi as assistant director on all three plays, and current over 16s member Manas Kotak leading in Call Me By My Name. Our Artistic Director Kieran Vyas has also been closely involved, producing video and photography for the productions and subsequent performances.

At Urban, we pride ourselves on making professional opportunities accessible and attainable for anyone who has the desire to make a career in the arts. It’s been a wonderful experience to work alongside Urban members, past and present, and we’re immensely proud of the continued success that our members enjoy.

Call Me By My Name
Ninety Days

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