That’s a Wrap!

At the end of November we completed our short film project, and what a month it was. Filming a short film every week over the course of four weekends, we knew that what we were attempting was ambitious, and the process wasn’t without its challenges.

As we neared the final weekend of shooting, blissfully thinking we’d got away with it, Covid reared its ugly head, taking some actors and crew out of action. Many a phone call later, we had a plan of action and, thanks to the hard work and determination of every single person involved, we wrapped our month of shooting on Sunday November 28th

Acting for camera requires a different skill set to acting for stage, and filming itself is hard. The days are long and setting up ambitious shots can be a tedious and repetitive process but the actors need to be ready to deliver a winning performance as soon as action is called. Our members handled their time on set like professionals and we were blown away by their ability to adapt and find spontaneity even when the circumstances feel completely inorganic.

Now the films are in post-production and we feel exceptionally proud of our members and the way they’ve thrown themselves into the process. Our plan for the new year, Covid permitting, is to premiere the films and invite members and their families to come along and see them so we can celebrate the actors’ achievements together.

Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work, and congratulations to our members on the completion of their films. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and see you in 2022!

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