Expanding the UYA Agency in the Midlands

This year has been our best yet with our actors being seen by more casting directors and booking more professional roles than ever. The BBC, Planet X Films, HopSkip Studios, ReelTwentyFive and Badshoes Film are just some of the production companies our actors have been working with.

Urban is quickly becoming one of the top talent agencies for young actors in the Midlands and we have big ambitions to keep on growing. Over the next few months we’ll be completely revamping the agency side of Urban to further establish our reputation within the industry.

As part of this, we’re delighted to be able to offer free headshots to all of our current members and have booked a professional studio session before Christmas. A striking headshot that helps you to stand out is essential and we hope this will allow even more of our members to get in the room and audition in front of top casting directors.

Other News

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