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At Urban I have learnt a lot of new skills that I can use in everyday life. I have also had a lot of new experiences that I would never have had without this group.

- Rhianna :: Member -

My daughter has been going to Urban for 3 years now and she loves it! She always has so much fun there and has really enjoyed the annual plays and films that they get to perform in. As well as being a great acting group, it is also a really friendly inclusive group and my daughter has made so many lasting friendships there. Melissa provides an environment where children feel free to be themselves and I think all the parents I know whose children go to Urban think it has improved their confidence and self esteem as well as of course their acting skill!

- Kaley :: Parent -

Urban is very interesting. You progress greatly acting wise but interacting with people you would not normally is, I think, the most fun thing.

- Matt :: Member -

Urban is great! I have learnt so much from being here. I came to get more acting experience to help get into drama school and voila- I have!

- Carolina :: Member -

Melissa and Urban Young Actors have provided my son with a wealth of amazing opportunities over the years. These range from learning and understanding drama techniques, to performance opportunities (stage and film), through to auditions and call-backs. He has grown in confidence and maturity in his 5 years with Melissa and the group. The sessions are the highlight of his week! This has been the perfect place for him to emerge as a young man and an actor

- Nicky :: Parent -

Urban young actors is honestly the highlight of my week as there are so many positive aspects of Urban.

- Georgia :: Member -

As an Urban parent I have huge admiration for the group as it has helped my daughter gain some much needed confidence in herself. She has learnt many new skills and loves going. She has been attending Urban for 5 years now and thoroughly enjoys every session. Many thanks to Melissa for being such a wonderful mentor and teacher.

- Kelly :: Parent -

I love being part of a drama group that takes drama totally seriously.

- Lucy :: Member -

In early 2011 I spent many hours on-line researching the best workshop in Leicester for my son to further develop his keen interest in acting. Having listened to an interview Melissa had given to Radio Leicester explaining the origins and ethos of the group I was convinced that Urban was the right fit. Urban proved to meet all of my expectations and more with my son loving his two years with the group. Urban offers young people a diverse range of acting workshops that are as challenging as they are fun. Urban is a real gem!

- Dominic :: Parent -
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